When I'm Cleaning Windows

by George Formby

Now I go window cleaning to earn an honest bob.

For a nosy parker it's an interesting job

/ C D7 / G -C /

Now it's a job that just suits me,

a window cleaner you will be.

If you could see what I can see

When I'm cleaning windows.

/ C C7 / F F7 / C A7 / Ab7 C /

Honeymooning couples too,

you should see them bill and coo.

You'd be surprised at things they do

When I'm cleaning windows.


In my profession I work hard, but I'll never stop.

I'll climb this blinking ladder

‘til I get right to the top.

/ E7 A7 / D7 / G G7 /

The blushing bride she looks divine,

the bridegroom he is doing fine

I'd rather have his job than mine

When I'm cleaning windows.

The chambermaid sweet names I call,

it's a wonder I don't fall.

My minds not on my work at all

When I'm cleaning windows


I know a fellow such a swell,

he has a thirst that's plain to tell.

I've seen him drink his bath as well

When I'm cleaning windows

Pajamas lying side by side,

ladies nighties I have spied.

I've often seen what goes inside,

when I'm cleaning windows.


He pulls his hair all down behind,

then pulls out his, never mind

After that pulls down the blind

When I'm cleaning windows.

An pretty maid walks around the hall,

She's so fed up one day I'm sure,

She'll pull me in an lock the door,

When I'm cleaning windows