Thought Balloon

by Freezepop

Such a pretty thing

A white balloon on a string

It floats above my head

Filled with stuff I should have said

Need to tell you how I feel

Say it out loud and make it real

Could have told you what I knew

That I'm just so amazed by you

/ C G / Am F /

You're the coolest boy I know

But it's so hard to just say so

Don't mean to keep it all inside

Sometimes I get so tongue-tied

Thoughts can weigh me down

My balloon dips closer to the ground

I'm hoping that you catch my drift

Give my balloon a little lift


Thought balloon - above my head

Thought balloon - the things I should have said

My thought balloon - I’ll set it free

My thought balloon - and lead you here to me…

I’ve been quiet for too long

And I’m gonna take the dare

Find a way to let you know, la la la

Time to let my secrets go, la la la

I’ll pull the words out of thin air


And finally I’ll have my say

And then my thought balloon can float away