Can't You Hear Me Calling?

by Bill Monroe

[[ A7 is to be done as a A7-A6-A7 ascending sort of thing ]]

The days are long, and the nights are lonely.

Since you left me all alone.

I worry so, my little darling.

I worry so, since you've been gone.

/ A7 - / D A7 / / DE A7 /


Sweetheart of mine, can't you hear me calling?

A million times I love you best.

I mistreated you, Lord and I'm sorry.

Come back to me, is my request.

I remember dear, the night we parted.

A big mistake's caused it all.

If you'll return, sunshine will follow.

To stay away would be my fall.


The days are dark, my little darling.

Oh how I need your sweet embrace.

When I woke up, the sun was shining.

When I looked up I saw your face.