by The Aquabats

I am just a man, I do the things I can

There is capacity, for I am a human

Cars and radios, television codes

Noisy animals, jammed transitions

I will go to work, just like Captain Kirk

I will hear the noise, the standard feedback

I will smell Cheetos, that is how it goes

And then the nachos in my head explode, yeah!

/ Am - F - / :


And then he had a meltdown, he had a meltdown

He didn't wanna, he really didn't wanna have a meltdown

But he had one

And then he had a meltdown, he had a meltdown

Well he was tryin', really really tryin not to have one

But he had one!

/ Am - C - / G - D - / :

I cannot control, I am overload

So many of these things can control me

There is Murphy's law, there is Newton's law

Things go wrong and then they fall down on me

Why so many things change around me?

What? my comfort zone has been invaded

It has come to this and now I must

and now i must surgically remove myself!


I suggest You Double The Intensity!

{refrain} x2