Fuck Up The Night

by Wax Mannequin


/ E,arpeggiated /

If I try to sleep at night, babe

Your shining eyes just won’t leave my mind

/ E A / F#m D B - /

And as darkness turns to bright

It’s those eyes shooting beams across the light-blue sky

The beams

Beams are just lies, they pass, they fade

Into the evening, we’ll sleep away, then we

/ F#m - / A - E / F#m A - /

Fuck up the night

Feel the thunder out here in the moonlight

When we’re together, I and some leather

Held tight in your arms

So fuck up the night

Feel my heart with a gentle reminder

That the love we feel has never been realer than this

Right here, right now

/ E B A / / E A / F#m B / :||

All the lonely afternoons

Conspire with some birds to inflict sharp wounds

Birds with beaks and pointing claws

Gouge out my mind while they search for words

But dark

Burns with a fire as black as rain

It torches the birds and then heals my brain as we

Fuck up the night

Shoot some diamonds and sparks from your torso

I have a pencil, you have a pad

We’ll write a new Bible verse

The one where the Christ

Makes sweet love to the girls by the ocean

As he holds them close, he tells them that

ll will be fine, just fine tonight

So fuck up the night

C’mon fuck up the night Fuck up the night

Won’t you fuck up the night with your eyes wise insides rupupum Fuck up the night

Do it, fuck up the night with me Fuck up the night

We will fuck up the night, you will see that the night gets fucked up without us Fuck up the night

YEEAAAAAAAH Fuck up the night

Fuck up the night