Light Up My Room

by the Barenaked Ladies

A hydro field cuts through my neighborhood

Somehow that always just made me feel good

I can put a spare bulb in my hand

And light up my yard

/ G G/F# Cadd9 - /

Late at night when the wires in the walls

Sing in tune with the din of the falls

I'm conducting it all while I sleep

To light this whole town


If you question what I would do

To get over and be with you

Lift you up over everything

To light up my room

/ Em D/F# G - /

There's a shopping cart in the ravine

The foam on the creek is like pop and ice cream

A field full of tires that is always on fire

To light my way home

There are luxuries we can't afford

But in our house we never get bored

We can dance to the radio station

That plays in our teeth


{repeat 1st verse}

Light up my yard

Lights in my yard

Light up my yard