Volcano God

by Wax Mannequin

Every song is a kind of prayer

Every prayer is a kind of advertising jingle

Every jingle is a kind of epitaph

Song-prayer, volcano god

/ Am - / Dm Am / G C / E Am /

They say he has an invisible hand

Builds up the wealth of nations

But the hand that I see every day

Takes away, takes away


    Volcano god, volcano god

    Which one of my treasures will you take from me today?

    / Dm Am / E Am /

    Volcano god, volcano god

    I praise you with my screams as I watch them fall away

When Spartacus was up on his cross

I bet you that he had no illusions

Of what he was an advertisement for

As he sang out his last song-prayer


    [[ higher ]]

    Volcano god, volcano god

    Your appetite grows stronger with each morsel that you're fed

    Volcano god, volcano god

    I praise you with my screams 'til you decide to make me dead

? ?