Crop Circle

by Monster Magnet

I was born underwater, I dried out in the sun

I started humping volcanoes baby, when I was too young

I started surfing the mad house, and I decided to stay

I got an itch in my cosmic pocket, and it won't go away

/ AG E C E / :

Instead of draggin' the swamp for your lost love

Come to me, I'm your living crop circle

Like a lamb to the slaughter, like a peach in the sun

Curl up in my flame pit, baby, until you're way over done

I came up from the ground, I came down from the sky

And I rounded her knees like a worm with a mission

Because I'm made out of salt, and I'm made out of coal

And I live like a king, in a __ showmercial

Instead of letting the man make you a monkey

Fry your head in the living crop circle, yeah!

Aw, let me tell you about it

Aw, c'mon, aw, c'mon!

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,

I'm your living crop circle

/ DE ED / : [use power chords at 5th/7th]