Los Angeles Is Burning


[[ badabadabap BAM ]]

/ C CF /

Somewhere high in the desert near a curtain of a blue 

The sane man skirts under the wind 

But down here in the city of the lime lights 

The fans of Santa Ana are withering 

/ C FC / Am G / 1st / 2nd /

And you can't deny that living is easy 

If you never look behind the scenery 

It's showtime for drag lines

And bedlam is dreaming of rain 


    When the hills of Los Angeles are burning

    Palm trees are candles in the murder wind 

    So many lives on the breeze 

    Even the stars are ill at ease 

    And Los Angeles is burning

    [bass walk from C down to Am]

    / Am G F C / / Am E / Am F / C G /


This is not a test 

Of the emergency broadcast system 

When Malibu fires and radio towers 

Conspire to dance again 

And I cannot believe the media Mecca 

They're only trying to battle reality, catch it on

Prime time, story at nine 

The whole world is going insane 


        A placard reads 

        The end of days 

        Jacaranda boughs

        Are bending in the haze 

        More a question than a curse 

        How could hell be any worse? 

        The flames are starting

        The cameras running

        So take warning


        / CAm G / C FC / Am G / Am - / F G / Am C / F - / G - / C - /