Smoke & Wine

[ play as fast as freaking possible ]

Well, I ain't got no money but I am doing fine

I'm just a hillbilly hell-raiser; I'm trying to kill my time

/ E A B E /?

/ E A E - /?

And I'm looking for that gal about five foot ten

And I'm gonna take her down that road of living a life of sin


Because I'm drinking, drugging, I'm having lots of fun

I always carry around my loaded shotgun

If I think I'm gonna have a bad time

I got a little bit of smoke and a whole lot of wine

/ E D A E / : ?


Well I once had this gal, I thought she'd be my bride

But then she had to leave my ass for that other guy


And now...


I don't really care if you hate me, you see

Because I'm just a country boy from the state of Tennessee

I'm a little bit crazy on the rowdy side

Because I like to drink my whiskey and I like to get high



{take 'er home}