Hymn of the Big Wheel

by Massive Attack

E7sus4 - x.


The big wheel keeps on turning

On a simple line day by day

The earth spins on its axis

One man struggle while another relaxes

/ A - E7sus4 E /

There's a hole in my soul like a cavity

Seems like the world is out to gather just by gravity

The wheel keeps turning the sky's rearranging

Look my son the weather is changing

I'd like to feel that you could be free

Look up at the blue skies beneath a new tree sometime again

You'll turn green and the sea turns red

My son I said the power of axis over my head


We sang about the sun and danced among the trees

And we listened to the whisper of the city on the breeze

Will you cry in the most in a lead-free zone

Down within the shadows where the factories drone

On the surface of the wheel they build another town

And so the green come tumbling down

Yes close your eyes and hold me tight

And i'll show you sunset sometime again


As a child's silent prayer my hope hides in disguise

While satellites and cameras watch from the skies

An acid drop of rain recycled from the sea

It washed away my shadow burnt a hole in me

And all the king's men cannot put it back again

But the ghetto sun will nurture life

And mend my soul sometime again