by Todd Snider

Credit complications in the check out line

It's an awkward situation almost every time

They keep your card behind and they keep your groceries too

Yeah they do

You try telling everybody it's a terrible mistake

But you can tell they don't believe that's true

It's written all over you

When you're broke

/ C Am / / F G / C G / Am G / C F / C G / C GbrC /

I hung my head down as I walked out the door

I'm never ever going back to that store

They treated me like a bum in front of everyone behind me in line

It was all my friends and neighbors lookin' at me

Like I'd committed some kind of crime

I guess you ain't worth a dime

When you're broke

Why if I had money like I did in my day

Just out of spite I think I'd give it away

I thought it didn't even matter anyway

And the more I thought the madder I got

/ F C / / / F G Gsus4 G /

By the time I got home I was seeing red

I pulled the gun up out from under my bed

I put a sock on my head and into the night I flew

Away I flew

The next thing I know I've got blood on my hands

But I've got money in my pockets too

You never know what you'll do until you do what you do

When you're broke

Now if I had money like I did in my day

I'd buy a car and drive us far away

Of course you know I've got a debt to pay to society

Honey wait for me

With good behavior I'll be out in seven years

Don't worry over me or shed any tears

I've learned a lot in here and I know what a chance I blew

The next time I won't make the same mistake

I'll shoot the camera out too

I'm learning all kinds of things you can do

When you're broke

I'm broke