Run With Us

from The Raccoons



/ Em C Bm Em / 

When darkness falls,

Leaving shadows in the night,

Don't be afraid,

Wipe that fear from your eyes.

If a desperate love,

Keeps on driving you wrong,

Don't be afraid,

You're not alone.

/ Em - / C - / Bm - / C - Am Bm /


You can run with us,

We've got everything you need,

Run with us,

We are free.

Come with us,

I see passion in your eyes,

Run with us.

/ C - / D - / C - / Em - Am Bm / :

When the cold wind blows,

Turn your collar to the cold,

Don't be ashamed,

If you need someone to hold.

If you're sinking in quicksand,

And it's dragging you down,

And you feel you're going under,

We'll be around.



When you're behind closed doors,

All alone by yourself,

And you're longing inside,

To be somebody else.

You pick up the telephone,

And there's no one on the line,

Don't be afraid,

'Cause there's still time.



Run with us.