Cluck Old Hen

Traditional, arr. by Holly Golightly

[ bonus points for using chicken noises as percussion ]

My old hen was a good old hen

She laid eggs for the railroad men

Sometimes one, sometimes two

She lays eggs for the whole damn crew

/ A C / A G / :


    Cluck old hen, cluck and sing

    Ain't laid an egg since way last spring   

    Cluck old hen, you cluck and squall

    Ain't laid an egg since way last fall


    / Am G / :


My old hen make a great big fuss

Wake up mama and it's making her cuss

Pick and squall, cackle and strut

I think everybody hates her guts


My old hen's a mean old hen

Keep her locked in a barbed wire pen

Lost me work, costs me corn

Scratching that dirt the whole day long


    {as refrain}

    Cluck old hen, cluck I say

    Cluck old hen, all dead your lay

    Cluck old hen, lay us corn

    Cluck old hen, you'll soon be gone