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Hop A Plane

by Tegan & Sara

[[ capo 2 ]]

I took the train back, back to where I came from
I took it all alone it’s been so long I know
Imagine me there my heart asleep with no air
Begging “ocean please, help me drown these memories”

/ C F C G /

All I need to hear is that you’re not mine, you’re not mine

/ C C/B Am7 G /

I’m moving east there’s somewhere far away from
the sight of my hands the sight of me not moving
you can’t just hop a plane and come and visit me again
I claim it’s in my head and I regret offering

{refrain} x2

{as refrain}
You take a second take a second take a year take a year
You took me out and took me in and told me all of this
And then you take a moment take a moment take a year take a year
You help me out I listen in you taught me all of this and then

{refrain} x4